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Writer’s Write Blog Hop – The Pull

I felt the pull, like cords in charge of keeping you from bungeeing too far, the first time I referred to myself as a blogger. The cords were there to keep me safe. Protect me from the unknown. I understand that now.

What exactly qualified me as a blogger anyway? I mean, I had no real training. Only a few hours scoping out a site geared towards helping “wannabes” create their first blog.

The participants were encouraging. Very encouraging. But they knew what a blogger should look like. And, a real blogger didn’t have a free site. No, a real blogger bought a domain name, found a hosting company and learned how to tweak a theme beyond recognition.

A real blogger understood that content was king and that pictures were mandatory. A real blogger knew which plugins to install and, when their site slowed to a crawl, a real blogger knew which plugins to uninstall. A real blogger knew social media…well.

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The Probability of Continuity

After celebrating a month of daily blogging, just yesterday, I am now committing to blogging every day in December.

I know what you might be thinking –

Why, after complaining about being too busy to post everyday last month, would I submit myself to another month of torture?

Why, of all months, commit to the month that includes Christmas parties, Christmas and New Years Eve?

– and, lastly –

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