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Too Few Women at the Top

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In “Why we have too few women leaders,” Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, gives a compelling speech about the lack of upward mobile women in the workforce. Her speech begins with a flurry of sobering statistics which back her claim that the low number of women in C-suite positions span all sectors.  In non-profit, where one would expect we’d dominate, we only hold 20% of the top positions. While not blaming women entirely, she does say our not speaking up, having premature thoughts about family and simply “dropping out” will continue to have an adverse effect on the women following us.

My start in corporate America was very different from Sheryl Sandberg and Rachael Emma Silverman, blogger for The Wall Street Journal’s The Juggle.  I started my corporate journey as an 18 year old single mom and, out of a constant fear of losing my job, I didn’t raise my hand, I didn’t “believe I got the A” and I didn’t negotiate salaries.

Going out on a limb here, I’ll say Sheryl and I share the same generation that will likely not accomplish a 50/50 split at the top and that might not seem like a big deal to some.  However, if we don’t support the women bold enough to aim for corner offices, there will be less support for others setting their sites on the same. We owe ourselves and the ladies following us more than that.

Why have you “leaned back”?

Was it due to a relationship?
As mentioned in the video, the divorce rate is less for those that earn the same salary. So, to increase your chances of staying married, keep climbing and meet your husband at the top. The view is always better at the top.

Was it in hopes of starting a family?
One thing is for sure, years and opportunities pass. Give thought to how you’d like your life to look in the future but “keep your foot on the pedal” in the meantime.

Was it out of fear of being perceived as being “out for yourself”?
Change is seldom comfortable.  Many times those surrounding you want to move forward as well, they just don’t know how.  Your boldness will be an inspiration to others. Besides, if you’re not out for you, who is?

Sheryl’s video is about 15 minutes long but I can’t think of a better way to inspire you to greatness the 1st week of 2011. So, grab your headsets, paper and pen then click here to listen.


Who’s following you?

Are there women in your midst that would benefit from this information? Maybe a woman that’s sure of where she’d like to go but unclear on the best route to take? Or, maybe someone that just needs encouragement?  Show your support for women following you by taking this opportunity to share this information with a friend.

5 Areas to Concentrate on for 2011

Now that you have survived Thanksgiving and Christmas, you are probably giving more thought to your list of New Year’s Resolutions.  Well, before you go any further, allow me to provide you with the following categories to focus on and some examples:

  • Spiritual
    • Are you happy with your prayer life?
    • Do you regularly journal about your thoughts and feelings?
    • Do you meditate?
  • Health
    • Even if you don’t join a gym, is it possible to walk 20 minutes a day?
    • Are you drinking enough water?
    • Would you like to improve your outlook on life?
  • Relationships
    • Replace negative relationships w/positive relationships
    • Have you given any thought to partnering with a life coach or a mentor concerning your goals for 2011?
  • Work
    • Are you currently working in your strengths?
    • Are you happy in your current job?
    • Would you like to pursue other interests in 2011?
  • Finances
    • Do you think making more money will make you happier?
    • Are you satisfied with your current debt to income ratio?
    • How can you reduce debt so that you have more money to do the things that make you enjoy?

How did I know that your resolutions would fit in one or more of these categories?  These are the 5 key areas for everyone.  We feel most successful when we are balanced in these areas. If any one area is ignored, it’s difficult to maintain balance in the other areas.

Here’s an example:

I recall not always being grateful for the things God blessed me with (Spiritual) so I would buy things that I wanted but could not afford (Financial).  Later, the stress from having more bills than money would result in my having headaches (Health) and being irritable to those around me (Relationships).

I realize that was a very simplistic example; however, did it make it a little easier to see how not being balanced in one area can influence balance in the other areas?  What areas in your life currently lack balance? What other areas stand to be affected by this imbalance?

Congratulations on making it through another season of food, family, friends and festivities!  Now let’s roll up our sleeves for 2011!

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