Take a Load Off

This post is for the one that’s exhausted. The one that’s doing far more than your share. The one with no time to cry. The one that needs a break.

While you may put in far more than others, know that it’s a choice. Saving other people, from themselves, is a choice. And, over time, you will begin to resent making that choice.

Yes, you are accomplishing a lot, based on what you can see. You’d accomplish more; however, if you’d take one or two steps back.

I’m asking that you consider measuring what you can’t see. Things like character, confidence, integrity, and accountability develop through trials. These things have more weight.

However, if you continue to solve their problems, how can they grow? Your muscles are stronger. You can handle it. But only because you’ve had more practice. Slightly unfair.

When you take a few steps back, you’ll find that people aren’t as careless when there isn’t a safety net. Whose safety net are you? Who knows that you won’t let them down? Who is depending on you more than God?

I just wanted to give you a moment to see the part you’re playing in the chaos. Though your intentions are good, it’s possible they are also counterproductive.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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