My Prayer For You

New Years

As we countdown the last few hours of 2013, I am praying that you have…

A Prosperous Year – A year of more. A year of more knowledge, more peace, more patience, more love, more good health, more clarity, more commitment, more organization and more opportunities.

What about more money? Of course, I pray that you have more money but I also pray that more money comes with an abundance of knowledge, peace, patience, love, good health, clarity, commitment, organization and opportunities.

A Blessed Year – We are as blessed as we believe we are. I pray that you have a year where you see, more than ever before, that God and the universe wants nothing more than to give you everything you want and need.

I pray, that you can see value in both the good and the bad. I pray that in times when you are faced with things you don’t understand, that you don’t necessarily feel good about and/or when things aren’t going your way, that you trust that it’s for your good or someone sitting in the front row of your life. Despite the circumstances, I pray that you continuously maximize your yes’ and minimize your no’s.

A Year of Understanding – We’re all in this thing together. Our world is run by people. People that came from various households, people with mental health issues, people with physical health challenges, people from single parent households, people with backgrounds exactly like and entirely different from yours.

I pray that you can see pass the titles, the degrees, the podium and the reported paychecks and see that, at our core, we are all trying to do the best we can with what we have. I pray that you/we more quickly pray for those that temporarily stumble knowing, given the perfect storm, we too could fall.

A (fill in the blank) Year – My ultimate prayer for you is that 2014 is all that you’re praying for. I pray that you have all that’s in your best interest, all that’s needed to complete the task at hand, all that brings you closer to your ideal life, all that brings you peace, all that engulfs you in love, all that settles the past, all that replaces what was seemingly lost, all that showcases your talents, all that encourages you to move forward and all that co-signs your greatness.

In 2014, I will provide you with more self-awareness tips to keep your career on track, more ways to incorporate who you are with what you do and the motivation you need to keep moving towards your goal.

Whether we’ve connect via my site, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or BlogHer, I thank you for sharing 2013 with me and I look forward to the 2014 version of us.

So, here’s to it…

Happy New Year!


  1. Laurel Regan says:

    Lovely post and beautiful wishes! Happy New Year to you, and all the very best in 2014!
    Laurel Regan´s last blog post ..My 2014 Word of the YearMy Profile

  2. Loki-Lou says:

    What a wonderful post Sabrina!

    I hope 2014 brings you all the happiness and joy you deserve!
    Loki-Lou´s last blog post ..New Years InspirationMy Profile

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