No Matter What Happens Next, Don’t Second Guess It

There’s nothing like getting all duded up and heading out the door. The feeling that matches your outward appearance has a personality all its own. It knows that everything is perfect, everything. And, as you boldly strut about the world, you feel the giggling confidence bubbling up from the inside causing your shoulders to broaden and a smile to appear. You look everyone in the eye and conclude with a vibrant ‘Hello!’

Correction, these feelings don’t come from everything being perfect but from confidence in who you are and what you have to offer. There’s a pride when you’ve made peace with everything you’d like to change for the sole purpose of being in the moment. You’re alive and, regardless of the rules damn it, you showed up for the game. It’s like you’re in a movie and you’re the only actress. Cue the music, breeze and sunshine, babe, you’re on!

But others didn’t wake up with that feeling. It’s not a day where they felt like putting on a little more gloss. They aren’t interest in being in this dang gum movie with you and they would rather if you, your breeze and your sunshine would stay over there. Way, over there. Your jubilant chatter is met with something totally opposite and, while everyone isn’t as happy as you are, those that aren’t seem to suck the very shine out of the sun. No pep in their step, no thought of the moment and why all the doggone smiling?!

You begin to think that maybe something’s wrong. Maybe things aren’t as perfect after all. Maybe this dress makes you look fat, maybe you went a little overboard on the makeup or maybe, just maybe, these aren’t the perfect shoes. Oh the horror!

How do we do that? How can we go from being more than enough to barely enough to fill a dustpan? Why do we allow what’s going on outside to weigh so heavily on our inside. Everything is as right as rain, if it’s right with you. Today is as perfect as you say it is. Regardless of the news feeds, timeline and paparazzi (hey, you’re a movie star, there will be paparazzi. Grab your shades and get use to it), today is perfect.

As a writer, the same thing happens when you post words for the world to see. You’re confident that you’ve tapped into something that’s needed by anyone that can read. Bump niche marketing, this is it. You’ve thought this topic through from every angle imaginable. You’ve  spell checked and consulted multiple writing manuals. There are no errors and, for certain, this is your best piece yet. Much better than the last and sure to put you over the top. Where are the shades, the paparazzi will surely be stalking you at any moment. And with all the confidence of putting one sexy, smooth leg in front of the other, you with one click of a mouse go viral. This post is too good for just your blog alone. That’s right Facebook, Twitter, G+ and every social community you can find needs this information. Again, bump niche!

Nothing happens. Stats upon stats prove that hundreds stopped by to take a gander but not one comment. Maybe  there were spelling errors, maybe something’s unclear, maybe the great majority didn’t agree with your point of view. Oh, but wait, someone’s on your page right now! Actually, no there isn’t. That’s you on another browser. Maybe you should retract your thought. I mean, in comparison to some other things you’ve read, it really isn’t all that good after all.

It is good though. It’s the best representation of you that you could conjured up and that makes it awesome. Don’t second guess your words and definitely don’t retract them. You felt good about them when you hit ‘Publish’ and that feeling shouldn’t go away because of anything that happens next. Your words went out into the world and did exactly what they were suppose to do. The person needing those words the most will get them. Have faith in that.

Just like when you feel confident, the humdrum aren’t the only ones that got to see you.  There were people everywhere that admired your shoes, that dress or your accessories. Maybe they were one aisle over, across the street or sitting in their car and maybe, just maybe, they told the person beside them “I love her…!” Your confidence bubbled onto them but since you didn’t notice it, you think you got it wrong. Heck, you even made an impact on the humdrum.

Trust what you feel inside. Trust that what you feel and what you have to give is needed. You are simply the catalyst, the channel through which great things travel. Without you we won’t get it. So stop shrinking and don’t delete. Commit to sharing and know the rest will take care of itself.

Now…Smile for the camera!






  1. Missy says:

    No spelling errors here!!!! I get it! I gave my bubbly and self-confidence away to too many humdrum in the past. Today, I am fabulous and I want everyone to know that this IS my life; it’s the real thing and it will be what I make of it! I’m on… and it’s wonderful!

  2. Dawn Storey says:

    It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? I find that sometimes, my writing that I love the most gets very little feedback, while something that took far less time and/or thought garners comment upon comment! It’s hard not to second-guess yourself, your abilities, and your judgment when that happens.
    Dawn Storey´s last blog post ..Happiness is a decisionMy Profile

    • Sabrina says:

      I have a friend in entertainment and I joke that her success has to chase her. Even though there are some opportunities she hopes to obtain more than others, she’s too busy headed to the next thing to worry about what happened with the last thing. I want to learn to be like that, Dawn. I think there’s a since of ‘I did my best’ mixed with ‘What’s next?’ It’s very hard no to second guess ourselves but as soon as we do we’re featured or recognized in some other phenomenal way. It’s so weird how that works.

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  4. Katrina says:

    Thanks Ms. Sabrina. I have been away for awhile, but I knew that I could stop by here and find just what I needed to hear, LOL! Loving it
    Katrina´s last blog post ..Coming backMy Profile

  5. Elaine Kehoe says:

    I just discovered your blog, and I love what you say here. I’ve been a “second-guesser” most of my life. Now, as I’ve reached the wise age of 60, I’ve learned to roll with what happens. When I was thinking about starting a blog, I wondered, “what if no one reads it?” I finally decided I was going to do it because I needed and wanted to, not for anyone else. I’m gratified when people do read and comment on it, of course, but I also find I can let each post go once I’ve made it and look ahead to the next one without worrying too much about who or how many people read it. And I love your thoughts about what you have to say being received by those who need it. Those are wonderful words for any blogger or writer in general to live by!

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