Karma, Color and Motive…Don’t be Confused

Since I’m currently irritated with the media’s ability to delve deeply into parts of a story while conveniently omitting others, it makes sense that I’m more sensitive to similar conversations happening around me. I think it’s human nature to sway thoughts and, ultimately, convince others to side with us.  Seldom do people want to be considered alone in their thinking, so I understand the process of trying to coral others into a particular viewpoint as well as not immediately putting up a fight while being corralled. But I don’t think that’s okay to totally abandon thinking for ourselves. What I’m seeing isn’t new, just pushed to the forefront due to recent events.

As of late, no matter how innocent the conversation starts at some point it’s possible for it to turn to “So what do you think about the Trayvon Martin case?” and, before you know it, you’re in the middle of a conversation that you really didn’t want to be in the middle of.  Especially if your views are different. And, while we all have an opinion, what I’m hearing has the look and feel of an opinion but an undertone of motive. Justification to be like those we criticize. An excuse to share in a mindset the moves none us, regardless of color, closer to anything positive.  But, like the media, I feel these conversations are motivated by something else. Something more personal.


What we do and what we think have arms that can go into the future and bring back to us exactly what we expect and our level of consciousness has no barring on this process.  What we put out is what we get back.  This law works everywhere and for everyone.

It also works when we are prejudice. The things we say about others, our feelings towards other races, those feelings bring back to us more of what we already see. So, while there is no doubt that racism is alive and well, what’s more glaringly obvious is so is karma.

But when we’re sideswiped into these conversations, it doesn’t sound like karma. We don’t share all the underhanded things we did prior to our encounter with a different race. Grant it, sometimes we don’t even see how our thoughts and actions lead to the outcome but this is where those listening should ask more questions in an effort to get a clearer view of what happened.

Not paying a utility bill and then saying my lights were disconnect because they want me to pay a reconnection fee is only part of the story.  Any logical human being would know that.  Maybe I couldn’t pay the bill because I lost my job or maybe I decided to buy a new purse instead but, regardless of the why, to allow me say it was racially driven is doing me a disservice.

Be understanding to the fact I’m embarrassed to have to ask someone to borrow the money to have my lights turned on, that it’s now obvious that I’m having financial difficulties and/or that, with recent events, I don’t feel like I’ll ever get ahead so I’m mad about my current situation. My conversation might be full of emotion but know, for yourself, the result of the my actions have nothing to do with race. If anyone doesn’t pay their bills, there are eventual consequences. Consequences that are in the fine print somewhere near the dotted line we were so anxiously willing to sign when things were going well.


We could sling racism under every other prejudice there is in the world. It’s not right to single out any group. Overweight, skinny, tall, short, handicapped, mentally challenged and the list goes on and on. We are all human. It doesn’t matter what our packaging looks like, we had no control. Men choose women based on their beauty as if we had anything to do with it.

Any statement, concerning any group of people, that starts with all, isn’t a true statement. Most and in my experience don’t weight much either in world of  6,840,507,003  people. Followers, friends and acquaintances combined won’t come close to that number. We all know that outward appearance has nothing to do with the amount of good or discord that could be contained within. If anything is absolute, you just read it. You show me who you are and your packaging has nothing to do with it.

We owe it to ourselves and every human being we know to be truthful. We’re constantly adding to this universe, adding to the universe of our children. Tell the truth. Don’t slant the truth so it leans in your favor. Wrapping racist comments in words like: this is reality, face it and truth don’t make them any less racist. As a matter of fact, it’s bullying. Real truth doesn’t require harsh tones. If it’s not okay for one side, it’s not okay for the other.


At the end of the day, someone’s child was buried. My heart and prayers go out to Trayvon’s family. As a mother and grandmother, I give my daughter every piece of advice I can think of before she leaves the house. I hope that when emotions flare that she remembers what I’ve told her but I recognize the sea of options that come to mind when we feel backed in a corner. Adults, with experience, don’t always pass the test so I know a young adult would struggle.  If her judgement fails, I hope that an adult would do or say something demonstrative of someone with wisdom beyond her years. That someone would see my child as their own. But, after all my hoping, I know all I can really do is pray.

I believe Trayvon’s parents had the same hopes and prayers for their son. My guess is, at 17 years old, he didn’t pay his own cellphone bill. I’d bet the sole purpose for that phone was so that he could call his parents if needed. Yet even with a phone, being within feet of his home and in earshot of many adults, there was no intervention. There was no help, for either of these males. Regardless of color, age, height or weight this is unfortunate.

The constant media coverage and no real answers resulted in people coming to their own conclusions.  Celebrities have weighed in on the situation and so has our president.  News stories and personal experiences wrapped in emotions with vague detail, keeps us infuriated and missing opportunities. I just don’t think now is the time to point  our fingers and yell ‘I toldcha so’.  I feel like we’re being baited and by we I mean all of us. Gas prices, unemployment, war, foreclosures and crime have all been pushed to the side for the sole purpose of division. But none of the other things have really improved. Just seems real smoke and mirror-ish to me and causes me to consider motive.


Think for yourself. Research for yourself. Take your own experiences with you everywhere you go. Take nothing at face value. Our world is not perfect, this is a fact, however, there are also some amazing things happening around us. Whether or not you can see it has more to do with what you expect to see than anything else.

Those closest to me are believers and, I apologize, I just expect a little bit more from those that claim that there is one God and He loves us all. I don’t expect perfection but I definitely expect truth and not a made up truth from a media that pokes and prods for the sake of ratings. I expect us to listen to what we’re being told, temper it with what we know and then come out with something logical. I also expect truth when we’re talking about your past encounter with person XYZ  and I expect you to take full responsibility for the part you played. Even if the only thing you did was harbor a certain “feeling”, know we always play a part.



  1. Winnie says:

    That was a great article. I am ashamed to say that I have avoided the news for quite some time as it isn’t what it used to be and it just troubles my soul. I look at the weather, and traffic and off it goes. It just weighs heavy, and the talking heads with tempers flying or retoric spouting. I like to read the news, and articles like this one and think for myself. Thank you for sharing.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi, Winnie, thanks for stopping by. It does weigh heavy and those on either side forget or don’t care that there is a whole other group. Like you, I welcome and support truth but I realize that’s different for everyone. You are so appreciated.

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