Growth: Another of life’s perks

What exactly, my dear, are you clinging to?
Some propaganda stating you’re going as far as you’re going to?
That your skies are finite and limited?
That your growth is an impossible dream,
that your future is inhibited. Oh please!!
They have been shoveling them lies since the 50’s…
Can’t nobody decide what your life can move through!!!
This is YOUR time and YOUR challenge.
What is it that YOU want to do?
Sit and be still and not shine the way your life was meant to????
Oh, I pray that ain’t true!!!! I PRAY that ain’t true!!!!
Oh please, don’t fall in the abyss cause something negative once ruled you. Please!
Understand I’m from where you are and I’ve got to fight my demons too. Please!
Don’t give up because somebody broke your heart or some things fell through. …
This is life, you owe it! Life does not owe you!!
An Obstacle is a thing that impedes or blocks one’s way,
You can climb over! You can dig under!
You can chip through it! You can go around it!
You can move it! You can ignore it!
But you can do it! You… CAN … DO… IT!…(KEM)

For my birthday, I received Kem’s Intimacy CD and found the above lyrics by Jill Scott spot on.  If  nothing else it captures all of the growth opportunities presented by life.  As a young woman, it’s difficult to see challenges as opportunities but as an older women, however,  it not only makes the process of growth easier when we stop swinging. At some point, we recognize everything as for us and nothing against us.

Evidence of Growth Spurts

When people don’t act the way we want, we grow in ‘the world doesn’t revolve around us.’

When our expenses overwhelm us, we grow in need versus want.

When we stuff our pretty little heads in the sand leaving our plume filled backside in the air for all the world to see, only to find that our problems go no where, we grow in responsibility.

When the same decisions bring the same unwanted results, we grow in self-discipline.

When we take time to assess our gifts, we grow in the realization of our self-worth.

When kids and loved ones do what they ‘wanna do’, we grow in understanding.

When following everyone else leads to a road we don’t like, we grow in leadership.

But we don’t have to accept these experiences as opportunities for growth. As a matter of fact, we all know people who would rather recount all the bad things that’s happened than play a part in getting anything out of the events of life.

While these people may appear to not experience growth, don’t give up hope. We can only complain for so long before we lose our audience. Being alone is a wonderful place for growth.

And, if you’d ever like an express opportunity of growth, pull up a chair with your favorite beverage, a bag of popcorn and a smirk in anticipation of someone else’s growth. Yes, even in cases where a growth opportunity is intended for someone else’s betterment, there’s still enough growth available for those that witnessed and waited on. Welcoming growth  makes the process  just a little easier, however.


  1. RobertR says:

    Wow. Awesome, well said. could have use this blog @ work yesterday. Way too much drama. But as the great Jim Rohn says . . . when people are ready for SELF improvement “they come searching”. Once again Sabrina, great blog!

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