NaBloPoMo – The Halfway Mark

If you’ve committed to National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) for September, congratulations, you have made it pass the halfway mark. During this month, you probably realized that life kicks it into high gear when you make a commit to yourself. I’m sure you were given more than a few really good reasons to throw in the towel and consider trying again next month. But you haven’t…great job!

Sticking with it means you’re learning valuable lessons. Blogging everyday not only improves your writing, it improves your ability to remember to do something for yourself. So see, this is bigger than writing, prompts and clicks. It’s all about you. By committing to publish everyday, you put yourself first and that’s a pretty big payoff.


I’m Still Praying for You

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Don’t Miss the Next Big Thing, Crying Over the Last

White Wave Moth

White Wave Moth

Can you see it? Yeah, well, it was the best I could do.

I noticed it as soon as I walk outside this morning on my way to get coffee. It was so stunning, I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

My guess is it showed up last night and, finding the ceiling of my porch safe from predators, decided to stay. It’s probably the whitest moth I’ve ever seen. But, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t capture its beauty.

Alternating between the camera on my phone and my Sony Cyber-shot QX10, I zoomed, tinkered with the settings and fought to steady my hand but couldn’t get a good picture. After about 15 minutes, I finally gave up.

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In my car, I disconnected the Cyber-shot, turned on the Bluetooth, pouted about the moth I couldn’t do justice and slowly headed towards the exit of my subdivision.

My life is full of missed nature shots like this, I thought.  The hawk perched on the light pole, the piercing eyes of a big brown owl, the hummingbird that taunted me from the window of a recent writer’s group and the three geese that took flight alongside my car just as I passed them, cause me to wish I was somewhere nearby waiting patiently with my camera.

Still in my thoughts and fumbling with gadgets, I heard a subtle thump on the windshield. I looked up to find a yellow and black wasp trying desperately to escape. It was at least an inch long and, somehow, it had managed to land on its back.

Wings flapping furiously, the wasp found itself pinned to the middle of my windshield by the oncoming wind. Unsure how to help, I slowly applied the brakes, reached for my phone and watched as the traction from its wings caused it to slide toward the roof of the car and out of sight.

With all of this happening in a matter of seconds, I didn’t have time to restart the camera. I only had time to experience the moment. The intensity of the wasp’s fight, the effects of the wind on something so small and to observe this event from the safely of my car was priceless. Maybe, in actuality, I don’t have a host of missed shots, but a plethora of beautiful experiences.

This was a wonderful example of how opportunities are consistently presenting themselves  throughout the day. Whether we deem them perfect for us (giving us a sense of peace) or we consider them a threat (causing us to fighting in an effort to get away), they all carry an element of beauty worth acknowledging.

And, the white moth? Well, it’s still in the same spot it was this morning. I’m no longer interested in capturing a better picture of it, however. Now that I think about it, I saw and experienced a lot of beautiful things today.

Is it possible that you’re so consumed with the last great thing that you’re missing the next great thing? Don’t worry, there’s more greatness where that came from. You just have to expect it.

Five Day Gratitude Challenge – Rebel Style Day 5

  1. This is the last of the Five Day Gratitude Challenge and, I must say, being tagged in the challenge is the first thing I’m grateful for. I misjudged my ability to contribute to the topic of healing during this month’s NaBloPoMo. So, switching my focus from healing to gratitude was exactly what I needed.
  2. I’m grateful that our gifts will fill whatever space we initially allow. Then, spill over, requiring more time.
  3. I’m grateful that I’ve been given a passion to write and that God consistently fuels that passion.

Five Day Gratitude Challenge – Rebel Style Day 4

  1.  In the last few days, I’ve had the clarity to purge some things. Domain names, auto-renewals, plugins and several thought patterns have been given the boot.  Making decisions without being concerned about the sky falling felt good. I’m grateful for that.
  2.  This blogging go-round, instead of being confined to a lot of rules, I’m more expressive. As a result, I’ve started Tweeting again, I’m taking nature shots (which I love) with my Android and I’m writing more frequently. I’ve enjoyed the freedom that comes with being able to float from one thing to the next while still being productive. I’m grateful for this new journey.
  3.  I’m grateful for the free online classes, an incomplete manuscript and writing challenges that stretch me and force me to grow.

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